Growth of Virus-fighting Antibodies From Tests Spikes Potential Coronavirus Vaccine Research

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A potential vaccine for COVID-19 has been developed and tested successfully in mice, researchers reported Thursday. “We’d like to get this into patients as soon as possible,” said Andrea Gambotto, associate professor of surgery at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and co-author of a paper announcing the vaccine in the journal EBioMedicine. As far as reaching clinical trials, …

China Beats Coronavirus

Should US Learn From China How to Beat Coronavirus

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In late February, as coronavirus infections mounted in Wuhan, China, local authorities went door-to-door for health checks – forcibly isolating every resident in makeshift hospitals and temporary quarantine shelters, even separating parents from young children who displayed symptoms of COVID-19, no matter how seemingly mild. Caretakers at the city’s ubiquitous large apartment buildings were pressed into service as ad hoc …

New Orleans Coronavirus

Popular American Tourist Destinations Saturated With Coronavirus Cases In a Few Days

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Jacob Greenberg, chairman of the Blaine County, Idaho, Commission, is worried that his son, daughter-in-law and grandson might have coronavirus. Colleagues from county committees may have it, too. Metropolises like New York City and New Orleans have seen a recent explosion of coronavirus cases. But rural counties in Colorado, Utah and Idaho, where hordes of visitors flock each year to …

US States and Cities Are Being Overtaken by the Coronavirus Cases Passing China and Italy

US States and Cities Are Being Overtaken by the Coronavirus Cases Passing China and Italy

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New coronavirus hot spots are emerging in the Chicago, Detroit and New Orleans areas — and health officials there are pleading for medical resources to meet the surges. Michigan’s roughly 3,000 cases are nearly a tenfold increase from March 19, and officials there say the federal government needs to prioritize states like theirs that face case surges, rather than having governors compete for …